Electrical wiring and accessories

  1. Switches and sockets
  2. Cable lugs, glands and ties
  3. Terminal blocks
  4. Strip connectors
  5. Insulations tapes
  6. Heat resistant tapes
  7. Earth rods, clamps, coppers tapes and lightening arrestors

Light fittings and accessories

  1. Flood lights (LED, MH, HPS)
  2. Street lights (LED, MH, HPS)
  3. Decorative lighting
  4. Indoor lighting

Electrical switchgears and controls

  1. MCBs, MCCBs and Contactors
  2. Isolators
  3. Distribution boards and consumer units
  4. Panel boards
  5. Industrial sensors (inductive, capacitive, photoelectric)


  1. Armoured cables
  2. Multicore cables
  3. Automation/control cables
  4. Screened cables

Motors and accessories

  1. Induction motors both single and three with IP55, 56 and 65 enclosure (IE1, IE2 and IE3 efficiencies)
  2. Geared motors
  3. Variable speed drives